Swamped Chapter 28 Page 12

“As soon as I noticed the smoke, I tried to put it out,” you say.

“I can back that up,” Crosswinds adds. “I found the wood where she told me it was. In Keeper’s cabinet, stuck between two glasses. It was still burnin’ when that happened. Now, I suppose it could have been planted there to put in the fire later, but that’d make a poor hiding spot unless Keeper were in on it.”

Razor pauses for a moment, tapping his sheath all the while. You can tell he’s doing it to make you nervous, but that doesn’t stop it from working.

“Well, we’ve checked Keeper more than enough times to rule that out. Have to play it safe with the man who runs the water supply.” He starts pacing around. “So. You’re saying she has nothing to do with any of our problems?”

“Might’ve caused some trouble outside, but far as I can tell, nope. I’m all for lettin’ her leave, long as she doesn’t come back.”

“Hmm. Well, I can’t allow that right now,” Razor says. “For reasons that I can’t discuss in front of her.”

Crosswinds makes some hand signals, and Razor makes some back. You’ve got no idea what any of them mean… well, no, one of them looks like Razor’s spelling something out. Maybe it’s a name or something that’s not really covered by the code?

“Guess we’re done here,” Crosswinds says. “Come on. You’re going to have to sit tight for a while.”

And with that, Razor walks out and Crosswinds leads you back under the floor. You feel more than a little disappointed.

“Why can’t I-”

“Can’t talk about it,” Crosswinds grumbles.

Well, you’re not going to let it stand at that. Is there some way you can convince Crosswinds to let you know what’s going on?

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There’s got to be a safer place to sit tight than under the floor boards with the great rats. You heard something about crows earlier, can’t you go be a prisoner in the roost? At least some place with a window?

… They don’t know about the gliding wings on your suit yet, right?