Swamped Chapter 28 Page 8

“Well, you’ve got desert bees hanging around. I don’t know how they got here, but however it happened, they probably brought some sand with them. Especially if their hives came along.”


You don’t like giving away details of your research, but it’s probably your best shot at getting out of here.

“We were testing a theory that the sand causes desert fever. Confirmed it a few days ago, when we isolated the key substance in it. Now we’re moving on to trying to find an antidote.”

“Well, isn’t that convenient. And then you show up with it to help us with our problems, so the Marshguards owe you something.”

“If that were the game, it’d make more sense for me to bring the antidote to begin with,” you point out. “All I’ve got is the mistflowers, and while they’d help with keeping temperatures down, they’re no miracle cure.”

Crosswinds is looking thoughtful. You’re not sure how that bodes for you right now. All you can really do is sit there and wait for their next question.

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