Swamped Chapter 28 Page 6

“I woke up in the other base. I ended up here because I couldn’t find a way out of the swamp and this was the only other place to go. I might have caused some trouble because I was trying not to get spotted. Probably took me a couple of hours to get here, I wasn’t exactly keeping close track of time.”

“So that smoke was you?”

“Maybe.” You shrug as best as you can while tied up. “Why’s this poison such a big deal, anyhow? There’s probably lots of ways to get poisoned in this swamp. That muck can’t be too healthy, after all.”

“It’s not,” Crosswinds says. “But the thing is, we know most of the poisons in this swamp. The only one with symptoms like this is murderfly toxin, except this is slower. So, our best guess is it’s murderfly blood mixed with something else to keep it potent. Which means someone’s got to be doin’ the mixing.”

“And you think that’s me?”

“Maybe, maybe not. But you’re my main lead right now, so this is where we are.”

Well, this doesn’t seem to be getting you anywhere. Maybe there’s a place you can lead this conversation that would be more productive for you.

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wait, yeah, i’m familiar with that poison — and its antidote!


I can’t help but think we’re being caught up in some kind of conspiracy. Someone spirited us here from the desert to serve as a patsy, a fall guy for the true poisoners… The only way to clear our name is to uncover the motives and identity of the poisoner. First suspect is obviously Crosswinds, since they’re trying pretty hard to pin it on us. But on the off chance Crosswinds is on the up-and-up, maybe they can give us a lead.

Why would someone want to poison you folks? Who are you and why are you in this swamp in the first place?