Swamped Chapter 28 Page 4

Teeth. Very sharp teeth. And an unpleasant smell that you quickly place as a greatrat’s.

Then you hear an unpleasant sound and a piercing shriek as it falls off you.

“Guess I shouldn’t have left you alone,” Crosswinds says, pulling a pike out of the vanquished beast. “Gotta figure out how it slipped in, too, but that can wait.”

They shove the greatrat’s corpse aside and give you another look.

“So your story checks out. Found what looked like a doused campfire, and I checked Keeper’s place for the darkwood. Still burnin’, too, that stuff’s freaky.”

“You still suspect me, though.”

“Well, you’re not exactly being honest with me. I don’t care what your name really is, but I think you’re hiding stuff about what you’ve been doing here. That, I got a problem with.”

“Look. I just want to get out of here. Before you caught me, I took some risks because I thought they’d bring me closer to getting out. Maybe tossing a mistflower to fake a fire was one of them, maybe it wasn’t, what does it matter?”

Crosswinds walks up very close and looks you right in the eyes.

“It matters because someone’s been poisoning us. So, y’know, if a spy’s been hiding out under the floor, that’d be a pretty good suspect for who, wouldn’t you say?”

Well, you haven’t been poisoning them. If you could just prove that, maybe you could end this whole unpleasant mess and finally get back to the desert.

But how can you prove it?

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ask them how you could prove it, and urge them to search you