Swamped Chapter 27 Page 15

You glance around the room and spot some glasses.

Well, glass doesn’t burn that well. You grab one and toss the darkwood inside. Then you put another glass inside it, to keep the fire from escaping. Then you put them in the cabinet.

Hopefully, that will deal with the darkwood eventually. If it doesn’t, Keeper will find it and, while its presence might baffle him, at least he’ll realize something needs to be done with it.

With that taken care of, you shake your mask out to get rid of any ashes, put it on, and dive back into the hole.

From here, your best plan is to follow Rivers’ squad leader, so you head back to the mess hall hole and start listening for him.

He comes in soon enough, and starts talking to Sieve. You listen in, but it doesn’t sound particularly interesting at first.

At least, not until they mention the wizard.

“A spell? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Saw it with my own eyes! There was an explosion, a cloud of smoke, and then they were both gone. If that’s not magic, then tell me, what is it?”

Well. You can think of more than a few ways to make an explosion without magic, but the disappearance is interesting. Could it be that whatever sent you here works both ways?

Or is this “Long” they’re talking about an actual wizard?

Either way, this little piece of information has definitely caught your interest. Too bad there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. If they were transported, like you, that doesn’t help you figure out how it happened. And if Long really is a wizard, he could be anywhere at all, so it’s not as if you could ask him for help.

A shame, really. An actual wizard would be a great boon to your research.

Regardless, it sounds like Corvus is going to be talking here for a while. Do you stick to the plan and follow him, or do you have another idea for what to do?

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here’s your big chance! all of this has already happened! you can do anything you want and get away with it!

Stick to the plan and keep listening. Eat a carrot.

Author’s Note:

The snippet of conversation is from this page, if anyone wants to refresh their memory.