Swamped Chapter 27 Page 14

You try to remember if you saw his bowl when you were in the room. And… yes, you think you saw something off in a corner.

So you crawl over to there and start making noises. You’re not sure if you’re trying to sound like an animal or a restless spirit, but hopefully it draws his attention to the bowl.

You hear footsteps coming towards you. That’s good enough. You head back to the listening-hole.

“Must have left it here when Doc stopped by,” you hear him mutter. You also hear the rustling of leaves. “And I should probably have someone look into that strange noise… bah, who am I kidding, the council’s not going to care.”

“I’m starving here!” Sieve yells.

“Hmmph. Well, it’ll just have to wait. Like everything else around here.”

You hear Keeper walking away. Now’s your chance. You pop out and grab your mask from the cabinet.

The darkwood is still burning, but the flame’s a bit smaller. Damn, it’ll take hours to put it out at this rate, and you’d really prefer to hold on to your mask.

You don’t like the thought of putting it in the cabinet unprotected, but what could you cover it in besides your suit?

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Any glassware around? Mugs or cups or anything?