Swamped Chapter 27 Page 13

You don’t think you have time to grab your mask – not right now, at least. You run back to your hole and think.

You plan on getting your mask back if Keeper doesn’t notice it, but the next thing you should do is find Rivers. But where could she…

Wait. Her squad leader didn’t eat yet. If you sit under the mess hall and listen, he might ask where she is. At the very least, you can follow his footsteps; he’s bound to run into her sooner or later.

First, though, you need to find out what Keeper does next. You hear his footsteps entering the room soon.

“Hmm,” he mutters. Not that you know what he’s saying – apparently he’s not one for talking to himself.

You hear him pacing for a bit.

…Did he actually notice that you took some leaves? There were so many, you find it hard to believe he could have counted them all.

But maybe you disturbed something without realizing it.

And if he thinks someone’s been rummaging through his leaves, he might check the cabinet to see if anything in there is gone.

Suddenly, you hear a loud shout.

“Hey! Keeper! What’s taking so long with my grub?”

“Bah. I’m not walking back there just to tell him I can’t find my mixing bowl. And he knows full well I can’t call back with this weak throat of mine. He’s just going to have to wait.”

So it wasn’t anything you did. You’re certain you didn’t touch his bowl.

But, if he’s looking for it, he might check the cabinet. That wouldn’t be particularly good for you.

Is there anything you can do?

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pretend you’re a ghost

Lead him to his bowl using animal noises.