Swamped Chapter 27 Page 12

Your first priority is cleaning up this darkwood. You decide to take another look in the pantry; they might have ice there.

You crawl over, and after making sure you don’t hear Keeper’s footsteps, you risk stepping out again. Then you give the area a more thorough examination.

With a little looking around, you find a cabinet, and the inside seems quite cold. But will it be cold enough to put out the darkwood?

Well, you may as well give it a try. You put your mask in, and shut the door.

You plan to wait for a few minutes and see what happens, but then you hear Keeper talking.

“Back already, Sieve? I don’t think it’s even been an hour.”

Damn. He’s not coming here, is he? You run a little closer to the entrance so you can hear the conversation better.

“We couldn’t get anything done. Lemon came down with poisoning sometime last night, and our squad was already shorthanded. And we’re not the only squad having problems. They’re still trying to figure out where to reassign me.”

“You mean, they can’t find another squad where you won’t get smacked when you run your mouth?”

“Apparently not! So I figured I’d come in for an early lunch.”

“Hmmph. An early shot at some gossip, more likely.”

Well. They seem to just be talking right now, but Keeper might come this way at any moment. You could just hide… but what if he checks the cabinet where you’re keeping your mask? That would be trouble.

What should you do?

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Well, if that happens I suppose it’s his problem. If this place having problems with teleporting campfires, better they find out about it this way than by immolating in the dead of night and waking up dead.

Still, better not dawdle. Get back in your hole and see if you can track down Rivers!