Swamped Chapter 27 Page 11

The best option would be burying it in dry sand. But there’s so much moisture in the swamp, you wouldn’t be able to keep the sand dry even if you had it.

All you’ve got on hand that might help is your suit. It’s heat-resistant, and the inside of it is still dry. To avoid giving yourself more trouble, you pull off the mask and shove the darkwood in.

Well. It’s not doused, but your suit won’t catch fire easily. Unfortunately, you’ve now exposed yourself to the smoke, and you start coughing.

You cover your mouth as best you can while making your way back to the mess hall, but this has probably seriously compromised your stealth. And you need to properly dispose of this darkwood as soon as you can.

Still, everything will be considerably easier if you can listen in on those directions.

Unfortunately, it seems your investigation took a little longer than you hoped. You don’t hear any voices at all. They must have finished their meal.

Well, it’s not a total loss. If Rivers heard the directions, she probably remembers them, so you’ll just have to get her attention again. Although, the crow trick seems to be making people suspicious, so you may need to find a new method.

Should you find her, or look for a way to get rid of this darkwood? Or is there something else you could do with your time?

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Gotta ditch the darkwood. Maybe you can find a place to smother it in the pantry… a box of leaves? Or even better, is there any kind of refrigerant?

Your surreptitious ally doesn’t seem all that reliable, so maybe this whole stealth approach is undermining your efforts to escape the swamp. Wouldn’t it be better find someone in charge and explain your problem? Maybe they know something about how you got here; you could compare research notes before returning to your team.

If you can’t safely smother the darkwood, it might be best to just go out into the open and find someone who can help. Sure beats lurking under the floorboards in the crocodile-infested muck.