Swamped Chapter 27 Page 6

You’re probably better off finding where they store their food than where they hand it out. But where do you look… oh, wait, the human’s walking away. You duck back down and follow his footsteps.

When you hear him walk away again, you make another listening-hole, then you wait for a bit and listen, in case anyone else is around. Or perhaps he’ll come back to put the drinks away again.

You feel relieved at your decision when you hear a voice.

“Keeper. Have you got a moment?”

“Looking tired, Doc.”

“Well, aside from last night’s mess with the prisoner, and how damn busy I’ve been since the poisonings started, I just got in a fight with those three new girls. All from the same gang, you know.”

Poisonings? That’s odd.

“Thinkin’ it might be bigger than some newmucks who need to be taught what’s what?”

“I doubt it. But I am a little worried. We’ve got a few dozen Sisters throughout our ranks. Not enough to threaten a mutiny, really…”

“But if they joined up with someone else, that might be another story. Especially with Rider missin’. That’s what you’re thinking, ain’t it?”

“If someone were going to make a power play, this would be the time. I’m not specifically worried, but I’m… wary.”

“Ha, keep that up and you’ll find yourself thinkin’ like Razor. That man sees enemies around every corner. Maybe that works on the Council, but that’s not where you’re needed, is it?”

“To be honest… I’m thinking about it. You know how little thought they give to our needs. Maybe I could actually get us looking for proper medics.”

“Don’t see that gettin’ anywhere unless we kidnap ’em. You come by for a reason, Doc, or just to chitchat?”

“I can’t give myself a proper examination. I only took a few blows in that fight, but I need to make sure they’re nothing serious. And you’re the only one here I can trust with that job.”

“Ah, right. Hang on, just stay there a minute. Someone seems to be late for breakfast. I’ll be right back as soon as I’ve taken care of it.”

“Better be fast, I’ve got a lot of work to do.”

Well. By the sounds of it, it seems you’ll be waiting a while before you can snatch yourself some food.

What will you do with the time?

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scratch a quick map of where you’ve been so far onto a surface to orient yourself and plot your next move

start thinking up some good juicy rumours to spread since that seems to be the in thing right now