Swamped Chapter 27 Page 5

You decide to go back and explore a little. There’s more useful places to be than a prison.

In fact, you stumble on the next one before long. You hear the sounds of a forge, and as you get closer to the noise, you happen upon a small hole that opens into their armory. You loosen the boards around the hole a bit so you can squeeze through.

No one seems to be in here at the moment, but there are plenty of weapons. Especially pikes. Considering everyone you’ve seen here has been wearing armor, you don’t think your claws would be up to the task if you had to fight.

You grab a pike and head back down to the waterway. They won’t miss one when they have so many, and you already know you can wield it if you must.

As you slip back into the water, you start feeling hungry. How long has it been since your last meal?

You almost feel silly. You were just out in a swamp full of leaves, and it didn’t even occur to you to grab anything for later. Then again, you surely wouldn’t have been able to recognize which plants were safe.

You could eat one of your mistflowers, but there’s little nutrition to them. They’re more like containers for the water than a proper meal. Your best option is to find where the humans eat.

So you opt to listen in the hall again, until someone mentions getting food. Then you try to follow their footsteps.

The footsteps stop. Hopefully, this is where they keep the food, or at least close to it.

But you can’t see any holes. So you take a chance and make a small one again.

You can see a few tables, and just a glimpse of what looks like a bar in the distance. Is the kitchen behind the bar, perhaps?

You listen in, hoping for more information. If possible, you’d prefer to know for sure where the food is before you risk poking your head out to grab it.

“Ah! If it isn’t my old friend, Lumps! Say, have you heard the latest about Rider?”

“Yes, Sieve, I have. Everyone has. It’s all over the fortress by now. So just zip it. Keeper, I need a good stiff drink after last night. It was a mess.”

“Shift’s over, Lumps? That’s odd, because my schedule says you’ve still got an hour’s work ahead of you.”

“I just spent the whole night in the Thornbrushes. So I told my whole squad we’re through for today.”

“Don’t you report to Claws? She’s not going to be happy.”

“That’s the other reason I need a drink.”

Well. You don’t seem to have found much out, but as best as you can tell the human called Keeper is in the direction of the bar. Which makes sense, if he’s giving out the drinks.

You move in that direction, and poke another small hole when you think you’re behind the bar.

But all you can see are the walls and a human’s legs. You can’t tell where the food is, and actually leaving this hole is likely to get you spotted.

What do you do from here?

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you could use a drink, you’re willing to risk getting spotted

maybe try pilfering food from a kitchen/pantry area rather than a serving area