Swamped Chapter 27 Page 4

You decide to scout around for a bit. It’s probably too risky to make a hole big enough to crawl through, but maybe there are existing holes that lead to more comfortable places.

After a few minutes, you find one, and glance through it. On the other side, you can see some sort of prison cell. Seems to be empty, though.

But you hear a lot of activity. There’s probably some guards nearby, and likely prisoners in the other cells.

“Hey, Butterfly! You got any prisoners you can spare? I got cleanin’ duty and I ain’t in the mood for it.”

“Grips. You ain’t been here long enough to trust with a prisoner.”

“C’mon, Butterfly! We’re both Sisters, ain’t we?”

“That was before the swamp, Grips. Things are different now. Yeah, I was a Sister before I came here, but now I’m a Marshguard.”

“You’ve only been here, what? Four years? What the hell’s happened to you, Butterfly?”

“The rain happened. Look, you want to get in trouble, that’s on you. I ain’t havin’ any part of it.”

“Since when do you listen to orders? You never listened to Rapunzel’s.”

“If I’d listened to her, I wouldn’t be in this swamp; I’d be in a grave. Get outta here, Grips. Only favor I’m doin’ for you is not reporting you for this.”

Suddenly, you hear very loud footsteps.

“…Oh. So that’s how it is,” you hear Butterfly say. “All right, but you owe me big time. You know I’ll get in trouble for this sooner or later. I better get something damn good out of it.”

The footsteps start again, and get fainter.

What a strange conversation. You’re not sure what to make of it. It’s really got nothing to do with you, though.

So, now what?

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you’re getting hungry with all this running around, is there a place for food

try to find an armoury though you’d prefer not to having a weapon to defend yourself if you had to would be useful

Author’s Note:

For those who want to try to hammer out the timeline, this is happening while Dean and Marshall are getting interrogated.