Swamped Chapter 27 Page 3

You can’t do much down here except make noise. And you’d rather not call out, you’ve done enough of that today.

Maybe a crow call? That might get the attention of this “Corvus”, and even if it doesn’t… well, this place probably has messenger crows. You won’t stand out as particularly odd.

“Caw! Caw!”

“Huh, has one of the crows got loose?” someone asks. “Hey Corvus, why don’t you check that out? They’re your friends, aren’t they?”

“Very funny,” someone else says. Probably this Corvus. “Look, my squad’s had a rough night, and we have to go to debriefing. So save your bird calls for when we’re done.”

Well, seems that didn’t do much. But hang on… the woman you saw before just wandered over your hole. She gives you just a small glimpse.

“Rivers, don’t wander off!” Corvus shouts. “Look, I’m sure you’re bored after a whole night on patrol duty, but we’ve still got to report in.”

“All right, all right,” the woman says, rolling her eyes. Well, at least you know her name now. Too bad you couldn’t actually say anything to her.

Maybe you should just wait and see if she comes back. Debriefing can’t take that long, can it? And if she knows you’re here, she just has to start a conversation about the way out where you can hear it. Then you can get out of the damned swamp, and your business here is done.

On the other hand, this waterway is cramped. Hardly a comfortable place to wait. And she might not even bother coming back, or may not be able to even if she intends to keep her end of the bargain. Then again, is there even anything useful you can do besides waiting here? You’re not sure you can think of anything.

What are you going to do?

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look for holes

scout for a more comfortable hidey hole

Author’s Note:

“Make bird noises” becomes something of a running gag in the suggestions over time. This is actually not the first use of it, but it’s the first one worded in that particular way.