Swamped Chapter 27 Page 1

This would be a damned sight easier if you could get that woman to contact you.

But that’s not too likely. With your notebook gone, you can’t pass a note through the boards – and even if you did, you never asked her name. You only know the name Starling… and her squad leader Corvus, come to think of it.

Is it a whole squad of bird names? Well, even if it is, you couldn’t possibly guess hers. Besides, you’re not sure if some of these soldiers can read, and you still don’t have anything to write a note on.

Wait. Birds. Maybe if you drew a picture of one, it would get her attention? Or at least make its way to her squad leader.

Well, that’s a desperate plan, but it’s better than letting these Bogknights or Marshguards take you prisoner. Of course, it still depends on finding something to write on, and with.

You suddenly hear loud footsteps overhead. Unfortunately, even if you press your ear to the ceiling (or floor, you suppose), you can’t make out any conversation clearly. Most likely, their mouths are too high up.

Maybe if you made a hole, you could at least hear them talking and get some kind of information to work with. On the other hand, you might also risk discovery.

What should you do?

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maybe you can use an empty glass against the ceiling so you can hear better

if not then yeah lets make a hole. i’m confident we can make a getaway if we are discovered and the value of information you could get has to be worth the risk probably