Swamped Chapter 26 Page 26

You briefly consider just striking it with your claws, but that would require getting close. And you don’t know how dangerous that lizard is up close.

You can snap a sharp twig off and try to throw it, though. A rock would probably be better, but you aren’t going to find one up in the tree branches.

Now if only you were trained at throwing. Or had one of those fancy throwing gloves you’ve heard about… then again, they probably only come in human sizes.

The next best option is dropping it, you suppose. You hop over to the tree, place yourself above the lizard, and drop the twig straight down.

It strikes the lizard in the side, making a small cut. Well, that’s something, but probably not enough to lure out the bees.

At least… not at this distance. Maybe if you could get a few bees to come closer to the lizard, they’d take note of the blood and alert the rest of the swarm. Alternatively, you could try leading the lizard to the bees.

Either way, how are you going to do it?

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throw the lizard

drop more and more twigs as many as it takes