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You consider making an odd noise, in hopes that your acquaintance realizes you’re around. Assuming she has any intention of making good on her promise, of course.

But the only sound to come to mind is a clicking noise you can make with your tongue. You spend a while doing that, listening carefully to the soldiers’ conversations.

“The hell is that noise?” someone asks. “Is this another weird animal turning up?”

“Quiet! Didn’t you hear? They caught some Bogknights sneaking around in our territory. Don’t go talking about things like that, what if there’s more of them lurking around?”

“Sorry, sorry. So, hang on, which squad are these two girls on? They were just patrolling by themselves.”

“We’re on Corvus’ squad,” says a voice that you recognize. “He told us to stay here. Didn’t see him all night after that.”

“Sounds like he got himself in trouble. You ought to have gone for help.”

There’s an awkward pause.

“We didn’t think of it,” says another voice. Starling, probably. “We’re, um, still in training.”

“Still? After three years?”

“Well, keep in mind, they are Corvus Squad. Probably slow learners.”

“Hey, not all of us came here ready to be soldiers,” the familiar woman growls. “Maybe you were military or a bandit or whatever the hell before you got here, but we weren’t.”

“Whatever. Let’s find your boss. Did he say where he was going?”

Ugh. By the sounds of it, those two aren’t going to be alone for a good while. Even if your acquaintance realizes you’re making the sound, she can’t do a whole lot.

You’ll just have to wait for a better chance…

“We should probably take the whole squad back to base afterwards,” says one of the older-sounding voices. “If something did happen, they’ll need a debriefing.”

Ugh. Sounds like your only shot at another meeting is if you slip into their base. Which is no doubt just crawling with soldiers.

You can see it from here, and you can probably jump and glide in that general direction easily enough. But the one entrance you can see is heavily guarded.

So how are you going to get in?

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bait the beast to the gate

Use the power of bees