Swamped Chapter 26 Page 22

Well, if you can’t find them, your next best option is to let them find you. More specifically, cause another disruption – you’re getting good at these.

And, well. You don’t have a particular use for this pike you’ve been lugging around. You’re not exactly trained to fight, after all.

So you drop it in the water, causing the beast to rush towards it. Naturally, this gets the soldiers in a panic again.

And fortunately, you see Starling and her friend among the soldiers running around.

Less fortunately, they’re with some other soldiers. You’d really prefer not to expose yourself to these humans more than you already have.

You start moving towards them, but you’re not sure how you’ll actually talk to them. You got the impression they were junior members; they’re not likely to be left on their own in an emergency.

So what are you going to do?

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make clicking noises