Swamped Chapter 26 Page 21

Maybe you can guide this damned beast. You’ll worry about where you lead it to after you’ve worked out if that’s even possible.

Poking its back doesn’t seem to do anything, but you happen to stick your stolen pike in the water as you try to hold your balance, and then you notice the beast turning towards it.

So it’s drawn to motion in the water. That must have been why it started rushing towards Starling in the first place.

Well, at the least you can use this beast to cross to the other side. You’re not sure if there’s an exit to the swamp over there, but you’re really not at a point where you can plan ahead. You just want to get off this thing’s back.

So, you start poking the water in that direction. The beast turns each time, and as it thrashes, it makes its way towards the walkway.

Specifically, one of the posts holding it up. The beast collides with it, and a section of the walkway ruptures.

You hear a splash, but you don’t have time to look. You scramble onto the broken walkway, and quickly hop onto a nearby try. You scramble into its branches before surveying the situation below.

One of the soldiers in purple has fallen into the water, and another is dragging him out with the help of a long pole. Fortunately for him, the beast still seems a little dazed by its collision with the post.

In the distance, you spot Starling and the other young woman rushing through the treetops. Many of the soldiers on both sides of the gap are watching the scene; it’s enough that the two women are able to slip into the water unnoticed and swim across before the beast regains its bearings.

You’re about to head over and meet them, but they’re moving faster now that they’re on their own side. You lose track of them before long.

Now what are you supposed to do?

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Get the animal across.