Swamped Chapter 26 Page 20

You’re getting desperate. Starling’s your only shot at escaping this swamp. You need to stop that beast.

But there’s no way you could kill it. Maybe with some of your gear back at camp you’d have a chance, but right now you don’t even have a weapon…

That’s when you notice a pike lying on the walkway. One of the soldiers must have dropped it to check on the fire alert.

You’re not even thinking straight right now. You glide over to the pike and grab it, making little effort to hide yourself. The beast approaches, and you ready yourself. You leap onto its back, and start trying to stab it, not even thinking about how many eyes might be on you.

Its scales are too hard. Dammit. Maybe it’s got a weak underbelly? You’d have to dive into the water to check…

The beast starts thrashing. Seems you’ve got its attention, at least.

“Rider’s beast is running wild again! Anyone in the water, get out!”

Huh. One of the soldiers in purple is yelling that. Did she see Starling dive? Or is she actually warning the enemy?

Well, at least now you shouldn’t have to worry about Starling being caught off guard. Of course, you are on the back of a ferocious swamp beast that’s trying its hardest to throw you off.

So what exactly do you do next?

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If it’s wildly trashing about in a direction see if you can’t steer it somewhat. If the soldiers are on a walkway and the beast is heavy enough you might be able to bring it down and cause a distraction by putting everyone in the drink.