Swamped Chapter 26 Page 17

You think you can glide across to a tree on the other side of the walkway, but you’ll want to divert the attention of these patrollers first.

As you’re thinking about how to do that, you hear a loud noise some distance away.

“Did you hear that?” one of the patrollers asks.

“I’ll go check it out. Everyone else, stay here.”

How convenient. They’re all watching the one who’s running off. You don’t have a lot of time to prepare your glide, but it’s enough for a functional flight and landing. You climb into the tree and start looking around.

And that’s when you see another young woman in purple – probably Starling. She’s crawling out of a tree that’s fallen onto the walkway. That explains the noise.

It also explains why there are patrollers running here from several different directions.

Well. Right now, she’s your one lead on getting out of this damned swamp, so it’s best for you if she doesn’t get caught. But what can you even do from here?

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start a fire