Swamped Chapter 26 Page 14

“Let’s narrow this down a bit more. Where were you when she headed off, and which direction did she go in? Might give us a better idea of where to look.”

“We were… right on the edge, somewhere. Can’t say exactly where, though. But we did see the bridge down there, where the guards are. She went away from the Knob – that’s that hill you can see by the broken rope bridge – and I think she said she planned on sticking to the edge. Might have had to move inward to avoid being spotted, though.”

So, in the opposite direction from where you just went. You peek through the leaves to see if you can spot anything over there.

Hmm. Well, you think you see something odd, but you can’t tell if it’s unusual for this swamp. What is it you’ve spotted, exactly?

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