Swamped Chapter 26 Page 13

“All right, you’ve got yourself a deal.”

You say the words, but it’s not as if you know where to look. You need a little more information.

“Where did you last see her?”

The woman frowns as she tries to think.

“So we were patrolling. Our boss had us walk up and down one length of walkway, while the rest of our squad headed a bit further out. Then the assault force started marching past, and Starling wanted to get a closer look at Rider in action.”

“Rider?” you ask.

“He’s one of the big bosses around here. That beast down below is his mount. Anyhow, we followed him and somewhere along the line, we crossed into Bogknight territory. We panicked when we realized, but there were too many around on both sides for us to risk crossing back. And by the time the assault force gave up and went home, the beast was rampaging down there. So we couldn’t go back the way we came.”

“Wait, the assault force just gave up? Why’d they do that?”

“None of your damn business. Why do you even care, you just want out of the swamp, don’t you?”

You suppose that’s probably sensitive information, and as rude as she might be, she’s still a soldier. And she’s got a point – knowing more about the conflict here isn’t really one of your goals.

“I was curious, that’s all,” you say. “So when exactly did you lose track of her?”

“She went off to look for another way around. That was, maybe an hour ago or so. I haven’t seen her since. But the Bogknights don’t have her; I’d have noticed them making a fuss if they took a prisoner. Is that all? You got any more questions, or are you just going to start looking?”

Well. Is there anything you need clarified? And if you’re starting your search, where’s it going to be?

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Find out what direction she last went off in. There can’t be too many paths she could have taken.