Swamped Chapter 26 Page 10

You try tracing your way around the edges, mostly sticking to the trees. But it’s not long before you hit a dead end, at least if you don’t plan on just making your way back to the base you started at.

So you turn around and start searching the other way. That’s when you spot the woman you ran into earlier. She’s rushing from one tree to another while the patrollers have their attention elsewhere.

If you keep going by this route, you’ll likely cross paths with her again, and she’s not likely to give you a second chance. But on the other hand, she might have an idea of how to cross the border unseen, since it seems she wanted to avoid trouble with her superiors.

And she might know how to get out of this damned swamp.

You might be able to follow her. You gradually make your way closer to where she is, trying to keep to cover just in case she’s watching. Last thing you want is to make her angry again.

It takes a while, but you manage to get one tree over from her. Of course, that’s exactly when you notice her making a run for the tree you’re in.

Now what do you do?

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now you grab her by the mouth