Swamped Chapter 26 Page 9

You don’t really care about whatever’s going on in this swamp. You just want to get away from it. So once your captor lets you go, you just flee before she can react.

You don’t hear her shout after you. Probably to avoid drawing attention from the patrollers.

Not long after, you find that you’ve hit what looks like some kind of border between the two sides. You can only see one path further on, and there are guards on both sides of it, with different uniforms. There also aren’t that many trees in between; it’s mostly swamp muck, aside from one small hill and a broken rope bridge.

You might be able to climb across what’s left of the ropes. But with so little cover, the guards would almost certainly see you, and you don’t want to get involved in whatever’s going on here. Same goes for gliding; you might be able to get the distance to cross, but not without being spotted.

As for the muck, there’s currently a swamp beast in it, and it seems upset. You haven’t been too keen on the idea of swimming up to now, but at this point it’s just not looking like an option at all.

And, of course, you can’t even tell if crossing over would help you leave this stupid swamp.

So what are you going to do now?

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strafe the whole perimeter, either looking for a better way through or just going all around