Swamped Chapter 26 Page 8

You didn’t run from one potential captor just to get caught by another. Desperate to get away you bite her hand as hard as you can.

Which turns out not to be that hard. Your teeth just aren’t very sharp, and your jaw muscles aren’t really strong enough to make up for it. She doesn’t even seem to notice the attempt.

You’d try clawing her, but she’s clasped her other hand tightly around both of yours. You can barely move them at all.

She suddenly stands up, poking her head out of the canopy, and then crouches down again. She looks straight at you.

“Hey. You seen another girl? About my age, same uniform?”

You shake your head as best as you can. Couldn’t she at least take her hand off your mouth?

“Figured not. Dammit. And now I’m stuck with you on top of everything else that’s gone wrong. Ugh, I should have just stayed put and let Starling get her own damn self in trouble. Nah, on second thought, Boss would have yelled at me for that too. The hell am I supposed to do now?”

She directs this question at you, probably for the lack of anyone else to direct it to. Unfortunately, your options for offering any kind of answer are rather limited at the moment.

You settle for waving your tail around.

“You making fun of me?”

You make another effort at shaking your head.

“Ugh. Right, I guess you’ve got your own problems, huh? You’re probably just as lost as that sandsnake we saw the other day.”

She pauses.

“I’ll put you down as long as you don’t make any loud noises. Then we’ll have a little talk. Deal?”

You nod, and she lets go of you.

Now, are you going to talk, get back at her somehow, or just make a run for it?

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