Swamped Chapter 26 Page 6

Their eyes are on your hiding spot. Your only hope for getting away is to mislead them about what, exactly, they’re chasing after.

Preferably by making yourself seem bigger than you really are. You’re only about two-thirds the size of an average human, but something significantly larger could easily fit in these upper branches.

So you start by making the branches shake.

“I think it’s moving! Uh… how big do you think it is?”

“Don’t know. I just know it has claws.”

That second voice is the human who tried climbing. Good, he should be particularly easy to dissuade.

What else can you do to set them on the wrong track?

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If it isn’t possible to spread out your gliding wings to jump to another tree, making you look larger in the process, you may want to consider letting out some sort of terrifying groan or throwing something into the branches of a nearby tree to make it look like you’ve jumped.