Swamped Chapter 26 Page 4

You scurry around the tree as the snake draws closer. You manage to slip behind it and grab its tail… but now what do you do?

You spot it turning around, and in a panic, you simply swing it around, before losing your grip and dropping it in the water.

There’s a loud splash. That more than likely drew someone’s attention. You’re not doing as well as you hoped at sneaking around unnoticed.

On the plus side, nobody’s actually caught you yet. You climb up into the canopy as fast as you can, and watch.

Three humans have gathered down below to take a look at the splash.

“I think I see a leaf viper in the water,” one of them says. “That’s odd, did it just fall in?”

“Not likely. Leaf vipers tend to have pretty good grip,” says another. “You know what I find more likely, though? A Marshguard scout sneaking into a nearby tree, spotting a viper, and throwing it down in a panic. We’d better check the trees carefully.”

Well. Now you’ve really done it. What now?

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no use hiding, get ready to attack