Swamped Chapter 26 Page 3

You need to get down quickly. You’ve got no time for doubts. You spread out your arms and let the thin flaps of your suit spread out.

You never really wanted to test the gliding functions, no matter how much Theodore assured you they were structurally sound. But it seems to be your only fast option now.

You scurry down to the edge of the roof, and jump.

You glide down, towards the water, and carefully land on the trunk of a tree. Then you let out the breath you’ve been holding for the last two minutes. You definitely don’t want to do that again.

“What the hell was that thing?”

…You look up. It seems some humans are looking out of a hole in the structure… oh, right, windows, that’s what the humans call them. You’d forgotten about those.

It seems you were spotted, but fortunately, none of them are looking at the tree you’re on now. Still, they might send someone to investigate. You should get moving…

But you still don’t know to where. And having already set the humans on their guard, taking a map from them would surely be noticed.

You suppose you may as well investigate the other structure. It might not be another military base, or you might find a route out of the swamp along the way.

You start climbing up towards the nearby walkway to see where the human patrols are at the moment, but as you do, you hear a low hissing sound.

You look up, and see a very green snake above you, slithering down the trunk. At a glance, you would have mistaken it for a vine.

What do you do now?

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grab it by the tail and swing it like a flail