Swamped Chapter 26 Page 2

You climb higher. You’ll be a bit more exposed, but none of the humans seem to be looking up here anyhow. You then climb across the canopy until you can reach the roof of the base.

Fortunately, the roof’s just sloped enough to be easy to climb without being so steep that you slide off. You head higher up to try to get a better view of the area.

You still don’t see an obvious way out, but you can see the human patrols better. They don’t seem to have quite adjusted to the absence of their fellow patrollers; there’s definitely a few spots where you can scurry by unseen if you need to. Which suits you fine; the walkways look considerably faster to traverse than the trees.

But even from here, you can’t see the edge of the swamp. You can see another large structure off in the distance, but it’s unlikely to be any friendlier than this place.

Suddenly, you hear a creaking noise behind you. You turn around and see a hatch opening in the roof.

That’s right, you heard them mention repairs earlier. That must include fixing this roof. You’d best get moving before the team heading up here can spot you.

But where are you going to go? You still don’t know how to get out of this swamp.

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spread your arms out and fly! well, glide really

It might be unlikely to find a map just laying around, and it’d be a struggle to take one from someone and have them vanish without anyone noticing. Your best may be attempting to get to the structures in the distance where there be more clues as to a way out, and quickly.