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After some deliberation, you decide to climb up high and get a better view of the area. You consider diving down, but you can barely even see into that muck – who knows what sort of nasty things are lurking there. Besides, your claws are better suited for climbing than swimming.

Of course, climbing a smooth surface like the base walls is still difficult… and you’re likely to be seen. Luckily, there are plenty of trees around, so you wade out just a little bit and start scurrying up into the canopy.

You take a look around. Seems there’s a bunch of walkways, probably made by the humans to get around more easily. Of course, there are also humans wandering around… hmm? Someone’s just stepped out of the front gates, and they’re cupping their hands to yell.

“Judy! Leon! Tom Seventh! Esmeralda! Nathan! Alice Fourth! You’re on repair duty now! Get back in here, Burgundy’s got a list of things for you to do!”

Burgundy. Didn’t those other human soldiers say something like that earlier? Must be their commander, or at least an officer.

Regardless, you’re seeing several of the patrolling soldiers head back now. Seems there might be some blind spots you can take advantage of on your way out of here.

Except you don’t know which way to go. How are you going to know which way leads out of the swamp?

This would be considerably easier if you had a map. The humans might have some, but if you tried to snatch one, you’d run the risk of getting caught.

So what should you do?

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Climb, and if you find a good vantage point attempt to get a good idea of the path of the human patrols and how many of them have left. You may also get some idea of where they’ve gone.
Author’s Note:
The suggestions for this update were a tie. I ended up settling it by asking somebody else to pick.