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Until you have some sense of whether the people here are hostile, calling for help is too much of a risk. At least, doing so openly.

However, if you’re here because you’ve been abducted, there’s a chance that other members of your team have as well. Perhaps you can use your team’s cipher in an attempt to communicate without being noticed.

You start tapping on the walls. It’s not a meaningful message, just the word “SAND” over and over. You pick it because it’s easy to recognize, so your teammates are more likely to pick up the pattern.

But you don’t hear anything. It seems more and more likely that you’re alone.

And then your hand breaks through a weakened wall. You pull your hand out and look at the hole, but it doesn’t go all the way through; there seems to be a newer wall on the other side.

“Did you hear something?”

There’s a voice on the other side!

“That’s probably something crumbling in the old storeroom. Place has been falling apart for years. We keep meaning to wall it off completely, but there’s always higher priorities. So we just keep it boarded up. Takes less time.”

“What if it’s another greatrat?”

“Pest control will deal with it. They’re checking that place out a lot. There’s a big gaping hole in the floor, I hear, so things are always slipping in.”

“Oh gods, even in the rain?”

“Yeah. I can attest to that personally. Some time back, it was raining and I had some emergency repairs to do further down the hall. When I passed the old storeroom, though… that noise was terrifying. Ran as fast as I could and took a different way back. I knew the boards were on tight because I’d put the last set in myself, but that was small comfort when… you know.”

“Damn. You sure we can’t talk Burgundy into letting us wall it off now?”

“Too much to do, not enough time or supplies. That’s how it always is. But maybe the next commander will listen if I drag them down here during the rain.”

Commander? They’re military, then?

Well, that clarifies a few things. It’s unlikely you were captured by them; if they’re military, they’d probably throw you in a cell that didn’t have a gaping hole in it. And even if they did have to resort to that for some reason, they definitely wouldn’t leave you unguarded.

On the other hand, you’ve never known military types to be all that friendly towards strangers suddenly turning up on their base, and they’re likely to be more than a little skeptical if you say you have no idea how you got here.

So now that you have a bit more information, what’s your plan?

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How protective is your protective suit? Strong enough to withstand crocodile?

get another board, drive it through the wall until you can fit through, and come out swinging and screaming