Swamped Chapter 25 Page 6

If the nails are sticking out, maybe you can pound them out from this side. You just need something sturdy.

There are a good number of boards, shelves, and empty crates lying around, but most are badly rotted. Still, you manage to find a relatively intact board. It would be better if you had something metal, but considering your options are this or the crocodile, it’s worth trying.

You pound at one of the nails, and as you feared, it sticks in the board. You curse your luck; so many things in here have decayed. But of course these stupid nails haven’t rusted.

Actually… that’s more than a little odd. The nails look almost new, now that you take a closer look.

So was this place boarded up recently?

No, wait, you think you have it. This building’s still in use. This room must have been deemed beyond repair, and the boards are to keep the crocodiles and other unpleasant beasts out. And, until a more permanent solution is found, the boards are replaced every so often.

More relevant to your situation, there are people here who can replace it. Maybe you could get their attention.

On the other hand, for all you know, whoever’s here tossed you in this room and boarded up the entrance, figuring the crocodiles would eat you sooner or later. Or, they might have a lot of questions about how you got here, and they might not take it kindly if you can’t answer them.

So. Do you take the risk or not, and if you do, how will you draw attention to yourself? If not, what’s your plan from here?

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the second scenario is far more likely… how thick are the walls

tap out a message in morse code