Swamped Chapter 25 Page 5

The first thing you try to do is stand up. This hurts more than you expect.

The second thing you do is take your protective suit off. If it got damaged, you might have sand in your system, which means you’ll have to take things easy until it passes through. The last thing you need is to catch desert fever on top of everything else.

Fortunately, your suit seems to be in good shape. A bit dusty, but that seems to be due to your current surroundings.

Wherever you are, it seems no one’s been here in quite some time. But you can worry about your surroundings once you’ve taken stock of yourself. With your suit off, it’s easier to see if you’re injured.

You’ve got a few bruises, but that seems to be it. You feel around your back and head in case there’s anything odd there, any unfortunate cuts or the like, but other than an unpleasant lump on your forehead, you seem to be reasonably healthy. At the least, healthy enough that you can try to get yourself to a proper medical facility.

Then you start patting your pockets, and you realize that your notebook is gone.

That’s right, you were taking notes when… when something happened. You must have dropped it afterwards. Which means the notebook could be anywhere – perhaps literally, considering how far afield you seem to have found yourself.

Which brings you back to the question of where exactly you are. It looks to be an abandoned storage room – abandoned, most likely, due to the gaping hole in the floor.

You look down through the hole, and you see the slope of a hill underneath. Looking further down, you see running water, but it’s filthy, and thick. And is that a crocodile swimming in it?

You’re in a goddamn swamp.

Well, you’re not heading out that way if you can help it. Your suit can probably handle the muck reasonably well, even if it’s not specifically made for swimming; but it’s meant for protecting you from the harsh desert sands, not for fighting off crocodiles. You look for another exit.

Well. There’s a door, that’s a start. You head for it and try the knob.

It turns, but the door won’t open. You look a little closer, and see nails sticking through the wall nearby.

That’s when it hits you. The damned door’s boarded up from the other side.

Now what are you going to do?

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if you use something hard and sturdy can’t you knock those nails out from where they are protruding through the door

failing that, any other doors? windows? holes in the ceiling? you have to have got into this room somehow right?