Swamped Chapter 25 Page 3

After some consideration, you decide to put boat squad on repair duty. Still, you’ll ask them to stick to working inside the base.

As for the reserve squads, you opt to assign Lisa Black to one, and Tom Sixth to another. Squib Squad is going to take special attention, though. You take another glance at the names, trying to remember what you can about them.

Nora Feldspar. Captured by the Marshguards in the last rain. Hmm. She’s got a strong record and her squadmates – not to mention her friends – have spoken highly of her. But John mentioned she was depressed after returning from the Marsh Fortress.

You’ll need to have a talk with her before finalizing the assignment. If she’s recovered, she ought to be able to handle keeping Squib Squad in line. But if not, you’ll need to look for someone else. You don’t need to decide immediately, though, as you’re not sending Squib Squad along for repairs.

You think that’s all you need to plan for the moment. Aside from making preparations in case Ash wins the vote.

You’re now someone else in the Bogknight base. But who?

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you are an animal that would usually be found in the desert

yvonne delfose, head of the research and development department