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The most pressing matter is that you need to get more knights on repairs. There’s still things that haven’t been fixed since the last storm. With another rain since then, and the greatrat infestation, you don’t think five repair squads are enough.

Ten squads ought to be good, but those knights won’t be able to take on their normal duties. You think you can probably get away with one less pest control squad, at least for today. The greatrats have already been chased off, and the tunnelers are far too much for a junior squad to tackle anyhow.

You can probably reassign a few of the lookouts and patrollers to a squad. After last night’s mess, the Marshguards will be licking their wounds for a bit.

After that, it gets more complicated. Boat squad’s good at carpentry, but they’re still wounded from yesterday’s ambush. And they’re the only boat squad you’ve got. Maybe you can have them focus on repairs on-base, though.

You could also get a reserve squad or two, but the younger knights may not be up to some of the repair work you need done. Some of them are missing members due to last night’s disappearances, too.

You suppose that’s a chance to assign more experienced knights to supervise them, though. Even if you have to pull them off the main repair squads, it should speed things up overall.

You get out a list of personnel and start working out some more concrete plans.

You’ve got two reserve squads down one member… oh, plus Squib Squad, with Clancy quitting. You’ve got another squad down three members.

Hmm. That’s easy to arrange. You’ll pull people off other squads to supervise, and assign the three remaining members of the short squad to take their place.

Still, you think you can only spare two reserve squads for repairs. You’ll have Squib Squad stand by, and you’ll be sure to put someone on there who can keep them out of trouble. At least for most of the day.

That brings you to nine squads. Will you use boat squad for the tenth, or someone else? And who will you assign to supervise the reserve squads?

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