Swamped Chapter 25 Page 1

Some time earlier…

You’re Private Burgundy, and because the two top sergeants are unconscious, you’re in charge of this goddamn base right now, despite your current rank.

Captain Long’s disappeared, as have eight lower-ranking knights, including the newest recruit. Considering Marshall lost an arm because of your careless order, this hits especially hard for you.

Thankfully, there aren’t that many wounded. Long’s gambit may have had high costs, but at least it stopped the big attack.

You also just got a letter of resignation from Clancy, not that you have any way of dealing with it right now.

The vote for who’s relieving you of command has been stalled, as the Postmaster wants to talk to both sergeants first before casting his deciding vote, and they’re not in any state for that. So you’ll probably be staying in charge of this whole mess for a few hours yet.

Might as well make the most of them. What needs to be done?

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the storm wrecked shit, as well as the rats, nobody ever thinks “duhhh time for repairs” so you gotta whip them into shape

Author’s Note:

This shift from the previous page may seem very sudden.

What happened was, I only had one reader closely following at the time, who did not feel confident in making the decision I had presented. But my goal was daily updates, so to keep that going, I had to do something.

I opted to switch perspectives to stall the decision. This ended up going in some interesting directions.