Swamped Chapter 24 Page 5

You can’t think of anything. Guess you’ll just have to deal with that unpleasant meeting when it happens.

Which is not too far off. Before you know it, your path catches up with Marshall’s.

And in fact, you’re ahead. Marshall has you and Claws on one side, Rivers on the other, and Crosswinds has done their usual vanishing act.

At least Marshall has a mask on now.

“Oh hells, of course the escapee would turn up now,” Claws grumbles. “Corvus, you grab that Bogknight, I’ve got to catch up with Rider.”

“Wait!” Marshall calls out. “I need to talk to Rider, too!”

“That’s not my problem. If Rider wants to have a word with you, he can sort that out with Locks. Now get back to your cell, I don’t have time to hang around.”

She runs off without another word. So now you’re stuck here with Marshall and Rivers.

But you know Rider’s planning on leaving. This is your last chance to see him for who knows how long. And Marshall’s, for that matter.

On the other hand, you’ll be in big trouble for disobeying orders if you don’t take Marshall back to the cell right now. And you can probably forget about having a shot at the Council.

What are you going to do?

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oh fuck it, viper’s better anyway. grab marshall by the arm and give chase to rider