Swamped Chapter 24 Page 4

You’ve really got nothing. Well, except that you may as well use this to push for Viper taking the council seat – she’d be way better at it than you. For one thing, she knows better than to get herself mixed up in this kind of mess.

For now, you just keep running. At least up until you catch up to Claws.

“Corvus! Whatever the hell you’re doing, drop it! Rider’s turned up but he’s just running off!”

“I know. Already ran into him. And I heard you arguing. Gotta say, he’s made a good point, Viper would be an excellent councilor. You ought to go with that, it’d save everyone a lot of trouble.”

“That isn’t the point right now! I need you to help me catch him!”

“Sounds good. Do you know what we’re doing after that? I hadn’t thought that far ahead.”

“Getting some goddamn answers is my main plan. And preferably convincing him to do his blasted job.”

Suddenly, you hear Rivers’ voice not too far off.

“Crosswinds, what the hell are you doing?”

Claws turns to you.

“Corvus, am I wrong or is that one of your squadmates? What’s she doing?”

Damn! Rivers wasn’t far behind Marshall, last you saw. You’re not sure exactly what’s happening over there, but you don’t think it’s a good idea to let Claws find out there’s a prisoner on the loose.

Is there some way you can distract her?

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