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“Hold on,” you say. “Rivers, there’s something real dangerous happening, and I don’t know exactly how, but Marshall’s involved in it.”

“Are you talking about the poison, or the fever or whatever it turned out to be?” Rivers asks. “Because I take care of myself.”

“No, not that… well, it might be connected, I don’t know enough to say for sure. But the bigger point is, there are spies in the Marshguards. Spies who, for whatever reason, want to get ahold of Marshall.”

You turn to Mudviper.

“Which is why we both need to know what the hell is going on here. We need to know just what we’re up against. You’re already deep in this, and that means we’ll get mixed up in it too, whether you tell us or not.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Mudviper sighs. “You’ve likely already made enemies, so it’s best you know why they’re after you.”

She sits up.

“Well, let’s start with Marshall’s father. Since that’s the whole reason you came here and got caught up in all this. I should warn you, I don’t know exactly where he is – you’d have to ask Rider about that. But I imagine you still have questions that I could clear up, don’t you?”

You’re now Marshall. And you’re incredibly nervous. You still haven’t seen your father, but at last you’re about to get some answers.

But what’s your first question?

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Why he never explains things?

is razor my dad