Swamped Chapter 23 Page 6

“Yeah. Why is this one-armed kid so damned important?”

Razor looks at you for a moment and then laughs.

“I think Mudviper can answer that better than I can. I could only offer you my best guess. If that’s all, I’m done here.”

With that, he marches out, closing the door behind him. Now it’s just you four and an uncomfortable silence. Finally, Rivers speaks up.

“Boss, I’m a little lost here. Why can’t we just drag Marshall back to the cells?”

“Because, as far as I can tell, someone else has taken an interest in our little Bogknight friend here,” you say. “And Mudviper might just know why.”

“Corvus,” Mudviper says, putting down her book. “Are you asking me to share with you information that Rider told me in the strictest confidence?”

“Oh. Ah. I see. Do you, er, would you like us to leave while you talk to Marshall?”

“Or, you could give me a reason why it’s important enough for you to know it.” She picks the book up again. “After all, if I did tell it to you, I’d have to explain myself to Rider when he comes back.”

“Well, it sure as hell isn’t any of my business,” Rivers says. “So I’ll just let myself out, because I’m in way over my head.”

“Wait, Sandra…” Marshall protests.

“My name is Rivers. And I don’t care what you have to say.”

Well, this is a mess.

Should you try stop her from leaving? Or should you head out with her, and leave Mudviper alone with Marshall?

Or are you going to convince Mudviper that you should know the full story?

What the hell are you supposed to do here?

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Stop her because you have to warn her about something!!!

we’re all on the same side here, viper