Swamped Chapter 22 Page 13

You think a bit. Feldspar’s working on the locks, which means this is a good excuse to take the prisoners to interrogation under the pretense of asking about their missing friend.

You can also pass it off as training your most junior squad members in interrogations, as you were thinking before. Rivers might even appreciate a chance to question Dean, if only to get questions in about animals.

Then you can take Starling to question Jackson.

And on top of that, you have some questions for Rivers first. You suppose you should start with that.

“Rivers,” you say. “Starling tells me you might have found something?”

Ringer’s bell suddenly rings. He shuffles in from behind you.

“Yeah, I asked Ringer about it because I wanted a guard’s perspective.”

Hmm. You wonder if there’s a reason she didn’t ask Butterfly. But now doesn’t seem the time to press on that.

“So what was it you saw?”

She shrugs.

“Ringer thought it probably wasn’t anything.”

“That’s not what I asked. I’d like to hear your report.”

She just mutters something under her breath.

Well, this isn’t really getting anywhere. Unsurprising, you suppose; if she was reluctant to tell even Starling something, why would she talk to you?

You could ask Ringer, but you need to craft your questions carefully with him. It can’t be harder than getting Rivers to open up, though.

On the other hand, maybe you should just go ahead with the interrogation plan for now and try to question them later.

How will you handle this?

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Confirm with Ringer that they thought it wasn’t important.

What would Rivers not want to tell you or Starling? Probably something embarrassing, which is why she asked Ringer – they wouldn’t spread any rumors.

Go though a few questions with Ringer: did they find an object? If so does Rivers have it?

Ask a couple of generic questions, see if Rivers is looking uncomfortable, if she is looks that way, then quickly switch to suggest she go with Ringer to interrogate Dean about the escape, or anything about what creatures they encountered on their way over here. Maybe she’ll be more likely to agree.