Swamped Chapter 22 Page 9

“Wait, wait,” you say. “I think I remember this part. This was when he stole that grapple thing. One of Flame’s, wasn’t it?”

“Oh! Yeah, that’s right. Now I remember where I was.” Shorty clears his throat and continues with the rhyme.

But Silver himself ignored the gold.
He picked up a box that looked quite old.
At first I thought he’d gone quite mad,
What could be in the box that he’d want so bad?

Then I saw the label with the sender’s name.
‘Twas none other than Jonathan Flame.
I could see the glee in Silver’s eyes
As he tore into the box to claim his prize.

I felt lost, as though I were in a dream,
That’s when we all heard a scream.
‘Let’s check that out!’ Silver called to his band,
Before dragging me off by the hand.

As the bandits rushed along the plain,
We were beset by heavy rain.
I caught a frown under Silver’s hood,
But he said nothing as we drew near the wood.

The rain picked up, and amidst the trees,
A young babe lay, doomed to freeze.
Or perhaps, among the rising muddy brown,
Fate had condemned her poor soul to drown.

Shorty pauses again.

“Okay, now this is a really important part, so I’ve got to be sure I get it right.”

Maybe he needs another reminder.

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remind him about the down/clown rhyme

She had some kind of jewel right? Sparkling in the rain?