Swamped Chapter 22 Page 8

“…The Day We Saved A Baby,” Shorty says.


“Yeah, I’m in this story! This was back before I got sent here. I was… hang on, I’ve got to tell this right.”

Oh hells, he’s going to rhyme it, isn’t he.

A year into my second marriage,
It was my job to drive a carriage.
From Goll to Groft, from Groft to Gaile,
Wherever the place, I’d go without fail.

One bright day, I packed up my load,
And started down the Lacran road.
Three hours later, I heard a sound,
So I stopped, and to the back went round.

And then I stared on in disbelief,
For who did I see but Silver the thief.
He’d caught me in his clever trap,
And gave my back a hearty slap.

‘Fear not, my tiny friend,
No harm to you do I intend.
My band here only wants your cargo,
Once it’s ours, we’ll let your car go.’

Now, back then I couldn’t fight,
I had to just let might make right.
Silver’s bandits grabbed their loot,
And I was sure I’d get the boot.”

Shorty pauses.

“Hang on a second, I don’t quite have the rhymes down for this next part. I mean, I know them, but I need to think about the order for a moment.”

You’re not sure if you should let him keep going. Although, you think you might remember something about what happens next; maybe you should just remind him to get this over with sooner.

What are you going to do?

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remind him about the drown/brown rhyme



Shorty just because you were driving the cart where Silver found his trademark grapple doesn’t mean you were personally involved in every escapade he had with it.

Wait…this baby doesn’t happen to now be the current queen does she?