Swamped Chapter 22 Page 6

Well. You don’t see a reason to keep this from the Council. Even if there’s something sinister going on behind the scenes, jungle animals aren’t likely to affect it.

But wait… Crosswinds didn’t just notice the presence of jungle mallows, but the absence of regular ones. You haven’t heard about desert creatures replacing creatures from the local ecosystem before. What if it’s not the same phenomenon?

But what else could it be? Some sort of poaching operation?

That doesn’t seem likely. Poachers don’t usually come to the swamp; it’s dangerous, and the safer areas are well-patrolled. On the rare occasions when it’s happened, it’s always been some Marshguards or Bogknights looking to do a little dirty business.

And how would anyone here get ahold of rainbow mallows? At that, why replace the mallows if your goal was to poach them?

Well. The last time someone was caught poaching, they were passing off leaf viper scales as medicine. You remember that Doc made a point afterwards of asking her outside contacts about similar con jobs. She might have heard something here.

“May want to stop in at Doc’s,” you say. “You’re looking a bit worn out. Can’t be too careful.”

Crosswinds shrugs.

“I’m feeling fine, but if you say so.”

With that, they take off. You still don’t know how they get around so fast.

Well. Who are you talking to next?

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Heh. Looks like Shorty decided to escort the big guy, Walter? Let’s check in on them. Might be a good time to ask Shorty (and maybe even the Bogknight, if they’ve been around long enough) what that one story about Silver was again.

…huh, sounds like Feldspar’s work is slowing…is he eavesdropping?