Swamped Chapter 22 Page 5

“Well, I don’t know much about them myself, but I remember we’ve got an animal expert among our prisoners.”

“You aren’t suggesting I share potentially sensitive information with a Bogknight, I trust,” Crosswinds says.

“Oh, no, of course not. Just that maybe someone, like his pen pal Shrike, could have a talk with him about, I don’t know, the nesting habits of mallows. Or whatever.”

Crosswinds nods.

“I’ll stop by Shrike’s room, then. Should be on the way to the Council chamber. There shouldn’t be anything else I have to do before giving them my report, right?”

You can tell right away that question’s not nearly as rhetorical as it sounds. And you don’t think Crosswinds is just stalling; they want to check if you’ve got any doubts about giving this info to any Council members.

Well. Off the top of your head, you don’t see why you would… but maybe you should give this a little thought first.

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honesty is the best policy

Well animals are normally rainbow colored to attract mates or to prove to predators that they are just choc-full of poison. Both of those are things Corvus wouldn’t be likely to know, however.

Kandahar has some jungle territory doesn’t it? Well lots of Nations do, and it doesn’t make sense for these to be related to some plot…it might be they’re just abandoned pets that some rich aquarium owner dumped when they became bored.

There are a lot of possibilities…but wait all the plain mallows were gone from their breeding grounds? Even if there was some invasive species it shouldn’t have gotten rid of all the normal ones…

…unless someone had harvested them. And harvested them to intentionally prevent someone else from using them.

The only other person who may know something about the mallows would be Doc…hm…It’s not on the way to the council chambers but youre looking a little tired, maybe you should check in with Doc just to make sure.