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“Well, I need to go check in with my squad,” you say. “I left them checking the cells and then got ambushed by your new friend. So they’ll probably want to know what’s going on. As for you… may as well come with me for now. Someone’s got to keep an eye on you.”

Crook nods awkwardly. Oh dammit, he’d better not be scared of you, that’s the last thing you need.

“I, er, was taking care of the laundry, though…”

“Yeah, fine, we’ll drop it off on the way. Or after. I don’t really care.”

You lead Crook through the halls. You think you spot something moving in the laundry basket, but that doesn’t seem worth commenting on. In time, you come to the cells.

“Boss!” Shorty yells, rushing up to you. “What happened? There was an alarm, you didn’t come back, I didn’t know what to do…”

“We’ll talk about that after you let me know what’s been going on here.”

You glance around the cells, taking stock of your squad and the actual guards on duty. First thing to do is check if there are any obvious problems to ask about.

Wait, what’s that you see?

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This lock doesn’t even work, it’s just two broken parts placed together gently

Apparently the prisoners are just finishing up an amazing game of swamp rats. Even Rotmouth is impressed.