Swamped Chapter 21 Page 9

“Well, for one, I was wondering if you might have some insight into why Rider’s been so interested in that newmuck,” you say carefully.

“I have some suspicions. Nothing more than that.”

The look on Razor’s face tells you he’s not opening up about that. Maybe you want something less directly related to current events.

“Actually, there’s something bothering me. I never really got what happened to Silver. You know, the councilor we had before Bigfoot. There wasn’t a death announcement, but I never saw him around afterwards.”

“He was pardoned,” Razor says. “Just suddenly got a letter saying that, after twenty-eight years, they’d dropped all the charges against him and he could go home a free man.”

“What?” You can’t believe it. You’ve never heard of a Marshguard being pardoned.

“We kept it quiet at the time because we didn’t want anyone frustrated at their own sentences turning on him before he left. It’s not really a secret any more, but we don’t go spreading it everywhere. For reasons I hope you can appreciate.”

Hmm. Well, you’re curious now. It doesn’t seem clearly related to the traitor question, but Razor almost certainly knows more than he’s letting on.

You think you’ll continue with this line of questioning. What will you ask next?

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Who delivered the message that Silver was pardoned? Such sensitive information should have been handled by one of the council members.

Do we know if he made it back alright?

Seems odd such a respected member like Silver just left and didn’t say anything. Kinda odd considering what had happened only a few weeks earlier…