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Ugh. Well, whatever else you do, the first step is to put on a brave face. You’ve just got a headache, not the damned desert fever. Hopefully, at least.

This is strained a bit when you nearly trip on someone sleeping in the middle of the hallway. What the hell was she doing there? You’d better not have another fever victim…

Wait. Why’s she in Bogknight colors?

…You recognize her, she was the swimmer girl guarding you last night. Why isn’t she in the cells?

You turn to the nearest Marshguard to ask just that, if only to establish some air of authority, only to realize that the nearest Marshguard is Greeneye.

“I thought you were…” you begin, then you spot Crosswinds next to her, giving you a meaningful glance.

“I thought you were up to the job, Greeneye,” you say, sounding as confident as you can. “Good work getting that swimmer. Now take her to the cells!”

“Yes sir,” Greeneye says, saluting. “Glad I could help.”

You hear some murmurs in the crowd.

“Wait, Corvus sent someone to catch the swimmer? I thought his whole squad was a mess.”

“Must be doing something right. Three of our top squads couldn’t catch her.”

“That’s odd, ain’t it? Think he might have made a deal with the swimmer?”

“Doubt it. Can’t see Corvus as having anything worth offering.”

Well, it’s not a lot, but they’re giving you consideration they wouldn’t have before. You’re going to need to have a talk with Crosswinds later, though.

You use the opportunity to take the lead in your little entourage. It’s clear they’ve got orders to escort you, but they’re not so concerned with keeping you steady now.

Too bad you’ve still got the headache. As if meeting with Razor wasn’t bad enough.

You step into the mess hall and he’s already looking impatient.

“Would you care to explain what kept you?” he asks as you sit down.

How should you answer him?

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“an opportunity came up to apprehend the bogknight swimmer,” you say

you fail because you are not used to spinning things in ways that actually make yourself look better


Be honest. I was up in the rookery when the escapee ambushed me. Slicer to the face. I was told your number two had already checked that area. Not very observant that one.

But follow up. My fault for letting him get the drop on me. Can’t wait to get my hands on that one armed punk.

Razor is interested in marshal and has banned mud viper from talking to him, Riders business. You owe Rider more than anyone else here, but Razor wants a partner on the council. Maybe you can make him think you can be valuable to him.

Of course you do have one legitimate advantage over other candidates, you have personal experience with Ash..