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You wonder just why it is you find Razor so unnervingly familiar. You don’t remember much of your life before the farm, but you saw so few people afterwards that you’d remember most of them… and you wouldn’t have met him after you set out on your own, because he would have already been in the swamp.

For just a moment, you find yourself wondering if he’s your missing father, but that’s absurd. He’s too young. Your father’s hair was just starting to turn grey when he vanished, and that was seven years ago.

You divert yourself from that line of thought by looking at Rider’s bookshelves.

Hmm. Bottom shelf has lots of children’s books about animals.

Next shelf up has a good number of combat training manuals. Mostly for spearfighting, but there’s a handful of other weapons mixed in. There’s even one for slicers.

On the shelf above that, you find a dozen or so books on military strategy, as well as some on disciplining unruly troops. To be expected, considering his position.

Wait a minute. One of these strategy books is written by a Jordan Long. Is that Captain Long? Or one of his relatives, perhaps?

But the biggest surprise is on the top shelf. Not just the subjects – political theory, with a few books on the history of the Aedran empire – but the author of one of the books is Christopher Laikenne.

Your father.

And it’s not the sort of book you would have expected to see his name on.

What’s the title?

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Dreamers of Alexandra – Forbidden romance in the desert.

Author’s Note:

At long last, Marshall’s missing father gets a first name.