Swamped Chapter 20 Page 8

You get more and more terrified with every passing moment. You’re increasingly sure he’ll peek in under the bed and find you. And you can’t do anything to stop him.

“Here it is! Hmm, looks like he hasn’t quite finished the map yet, got a few regions that aren’t drawn on at all. And, of course, he wouldn’t have marked any sightings since last night.”


“Well, this is all we have to go on right now, so it’ll have to do. Ugh, I hope they don’t start popping up inside the fortress, we’ve got enough problems already.”

Popping up?

Is he talking about the desert creatures? He’s got a map of where they’ve been spotted? That’s why he’s in here?

You’re confused, but also somewhat relieved. You watch him walk out without another word.

You release a breath you’d been holding for so long you forgot you were doing it.

When you’re sure he’s gone, you slowly crawl out from under the bed. Maybe you can have a more thorough look now… or you could just head back, though Razor might still be in the passage.

You could also just leave through the door, you suppose. You’d probably get caught quickly if you did. Though it might be fine if you could somehow be sure Razor wouldn’t be involved in the questioning.

What are you going to do?

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Explore some more! What kind of books did Rider read?


stop playing dense and realize razor is your father. go to him